Law And Justice Final Exam 4 Question Preview (ID: 16487)

Law And Justice Final Exam Practice Test 4.

The Three Strikes Law...
a) addresses corruption in baseball
b) gives attorneys three challenges to remove potential jurors from the jury pool
c) requires more serious punishment for persons convicted of two felonies in the pastt
d) allows defendants to call up to three witnesses to testify on their behalf

JJ was sentenced to die for the rape of a woman. His sentence...
a) is unconstitutional
b) will be carried out within one year
c) will be carried out within five years
d) will be carried out within 20 years

What is not a requirement for a formal marriage?
a) Premarital counseling
b) A blood test
c) A marriage license
d) A wedding ceremony

Marriage is a(n) ________ between two persons who agree to live as husband and wife.
a) Lease
b) Contract
c) Set of nonbinding promises
d) Expectation

Sasha had her marriage to Jacob annulled. When she lists her martial status on an employment form, she can say she is ...
a) Single, never married
b) Singled, divorced
c) Separated
d) Married

One requirement for a common-law marriage is...
a) a blood test
b) a marriage license
c) an agreement to be married
d) a wedding ceremony

To prove strict liability, one must prove...
a) duty, breach, causation, and damages
b) duty, breach, and causation
c) duty and damages
d) causation and damages

To which activity does strict liability NOT apply?
a) driving a car
b) blowing up a building
c) using toxic chemicals and hazardous materials
d) owning a wild animal

What are class action lawsuits?
a) Individulas sue for damages caused because of a person's class and status
b) They are strict liability suits for defective products
c) Involves many people in the same lawsuit suing for damages
d) These lawsuits ask for a court order to remove a product from being made

Any property that a person owned before marrying ...
a) belongs to both spouses equally
b) belongs only to the person who owned the property before marriage
c) becomes community property
d) becomes marital property

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