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Prosecutors must prove that young defendants understand the difference between right and wrong before proceeding with a prosecution. This is because...
a) they must dispute the thought that young defendants are not capable of committing a crime
b) young defendants cannot be held legally accountable for their actions
c) you defendants will be transferred to adult court
d) young defendants will be tried in juvenile court

Chang kills Hector. Which defense could not be used?
a) necessity
b) self-defense
c) insanity
d) alibi

A court order commanding a person to be taken into custody is a(n)
a) search warrant
b) writ of habeas corpus
c) arrest warrant
d) summons

Law enforcement may use deadly force during a felony arrest when the suspect...
a) resists arrest
b) attempts to escape
c) attempts to escape and presents a significan threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others
d) has a history of escape attempts

Failure to give Miranda warnings means that...
a) the arrest is unlawful
b) charges must be dropped against the defendant
c) the defendant cannot be questioned
d) statements made by a defendant cannot be used against him or her at trial

What is the amount of money paid to the court to ensure that the defendant returns for the next court appearance?
a) a fine
b) bail
c) restitution
d) damages

Plea bargaining benefits the prosecutor by...
a) allowing the defendant to plead guilty to a less serious charge
b) allowing the defendant to get a recommendation for a lighter sentence
c) avoiding the time and expense of a public trial
d) ensuring that citizens get a chance to sit on juries

Who is mostly likely to object to plea bargaining?
a) victims
b) prosecutors
c) defense attorneys
d) defendants

What does not happen to the accused at booking?
a) Pleading guilty or not guilty
b) Getting fingerprinted
c) Giving identifying info and prior arrest history
d) Providing blood samples

Adult defendants who are disruptive in court may have their right to confront witnesses restricted by all of the following EXCEPT
a) having a guilty verdict entered against them
b) being bound and gagged
c) being cited with contempt of court
d) being removed from the courtroom

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