Law And Justice Final Exam 2 Question Preview (ID: 16485)

Law And Justice Final Exam Practice Test #2.

What is NOT true about suicide in the US?
a) Suicide is a felony
b) It is a crime to help another person committ suicide
c) Suicide is one of the leading causes of teen deaths
d) Nineteen percent of teens in grades 9 to 12 report seriously considering suicide

Martin has sexual intercourse with a 25-year old developmentally disabled woman, who is not capable of consenting to sex. Martin has committed
a) Battery
b) Rape
c) Statutory Rape
d) Stalking

Property crimes include all of the following EXCEPT
a) arson
b) vandalism
c) vehicular homicide
d) shoplifting

Jane, 21 years of age, has been dating 15 year old Lo for three weeks. They have sex with each other. Jane is guilty of
a) no crime
b) rape
c) battery
d) statutory rape

Vishwa handles the student organization funds. He secretly takes $150 for his own use. He has committed ...
a) Embezzlement
b) Extortion
c) Robbery
d) Burglary

Shinone climbs in through Tom's window in order to take back the CD player she had given him when they were dating. Shinone has committed...
a) Extortion
b) No crime
c) Burglary
d) Embezzlement

A person can be found guilty of receiving stolen property if he or she...
a) Knew that the property is stolen
b) Knew or had a reason to believe it was stolen
c) Got something for an incredibly cheap price
d) Was motivated to help the seller

A recent scientific and technological development allows _______ evidence to help prove the defendent is guilty.
a) lie detector
b) DNA
c) brain wave pattern
d) psychic reading

What statement about defenses to crimes is FALSE?
a) The defendant is not required to present a defense.
b) A defendant may present evidence to show that no crime was committed
c) The defendant is required to present defense
d) A defendant may present evidence that she lacked capacity to commit the crime.

Tom pulls out a gun after Sam threatens him with a knife; Sam drops the knift. Tom then shoots Sam. He ...
a) can use entrapment defense
b) can use alibi defense
c) can use duress defense
d) cannot claim self-defense

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