Law And Justice Final Exam Question Preview (ID: 16484)

Law And Justice Final Exam Practice Test.

What is NOT a valid explanation of why societies have laws?
a) Without laws, there would be confusion and disorder
b) All laws are fair
c) Laws help prevent people from taking advantage of one another
d) Societies recognize the need to regulate people's conduct

Thang grabs 18-year-old Dylan after school and beats him up. If a criminal charge is brought against Thang, who would bring it?
a) The government
b) Dylan
c) Dylan's parents on behalf of Dylan
d) American Civil Liberties Union

Thang grabs 18-year-old Dylan after school and beats him up. If a civil case is brought against Thang, who would bring it?
a) Dylan's parents on behalf of Dylan
b) Dylan
c) The government
d) American Civil Liberties Union

When actually drafting laws, what advice does not apply?
a) Write a law in a clear language
b) Include the effective date of the law
c) Make sure the law is enforceable and identifies who has the authority to enforce it
d) Make sure the judge can establish whatever penalty they think is appropriate

What are higher courts that people who lose a trial can ask to review and change the result of the trial?
a) Trial Courts
b) Federal Courts
c) State Courts
d) Appellate Courts

Which statement is NOT true about the United Nations?
a) The United Nation has nearly 200 member countries.
b) The United Nationas has many international courts and has become the most important institution in international law
c) The United States no long financially supports the UN
d) The UN has many affliated organizatrions such as the Commission on Human Rights, Intern'tl Monetary Fund and World Heath Org.

Which of the following is the best exapmle of advocacy?
a) The city council passes a law making it illegal to skateboard on the streets
b) Tran is a paid signature gatherer. He collects 500 signatures for an initiative to ban the trapping of animals in city limits
c) Juan is unhappy that students skipping school are suspended as punishment. He hosts a meeting to organize a youth court.
d) Tina is also unhapy with the way truancy is handled at school. She complains to her friends about it.

Voting is a(n)
a) Privilege
b) Right
c) Mandatory duty
d) Experience

What is NOT a requirement for registering to vote in US elections?
a) The person must be 18 years old
b) The person must be a US citizen by birth or naturalization
c) The person must be a resident of the community in which he or she is registered
d) The persoon must speak English fluently

Sam and T'Andre have an argument. They get together to talk about how they can resolve the dispute. This is an example of...
a) Mediation
b) Arbitration
c) Negotiation
d) Court Action

Which of the following describes mediation?
a) The person listening to both sides decides how to solve the conflict
b) Both sides reach an agreement without any outside help
c) A neutral person sets ground rules and helps both sides list their concerns and reach a resolution
d) Both sides have a representative to help solve the conflict

The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution requires that juries...
a) be provided in criminal cases in both state and federal court
b) be provided in civil cases in both state and federal court
c) consist of twelve persons in criminal cases
d) be comprised of citizens who are 18 years old and speak English

What statement is NOT true about the US Supreme Court?
a) The Supreme Court hears very few cases that it is asked to review
b) The Supreme Court accepts cases by granting petitons of certiorari
c) The party who appeals its cases to US Supreme Court is usually the winning party in the lower court
d) If the US Supreme Court decides to hear a case, the attorneys submit written briefs and make oral arguments

Which of the following includes your First Amendment rights?
a) Right to Freedom of Speech, Religions, Assembly, Press, Petition
b) Right to Bear Arms
c) Right to a fair and speedy trial
d) Right to not testify against yourself in court

Which of the following is an example of motive?
a) Susan knowingly threw a lit cigarette out the car window
b) Cecil took the meat because he was hungry
c) Nate willfully drove 100 miles per hour
d) Tora intentionally walked out of the store without paying for her items

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