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The Food Pyramid adies you t oeat a greater daily amount from the
a) grains group
b) fruits group
c) meats and beans group
d) oil group

The Food Pyramid recommends that you eat the lesser daily amount from the
a) oils group
b) milk group
c) vegetables group
d) grains group

If you're looking for calcium, you'll find it in foods within the
a) milk group
b) grains group
c) oils group
d) vegetables group

A vegetarian is a person
a) who chooses not to eat meat
b) who chooses not to eat fruits
c) who chooses not to eat vegetables
d) who chooses not to eat grains

The USDA stands for
a) United States Department of Algiculture
b) United Station Department of Algiculture
c) You Stand and Develop Algiculture
d) United States Department of Apples

In a recipe, the abbreviation tbsp, stands for
a) table spoon
b) table salt
c) table sheet
d) timestable

The FDA is the
a) Food and Drug Administration
b) Food and Diet Administration
c) Freedom Administration
d) Free and Dumb Administration

The abbreviation DV stands for
a) Daily Value
b) Daily Love
c) Daily Dranduff
d) Daily Bread

Which of the following is true?
a) you should eat less meat than vetables
b) you should eat more meat than vegetables
c) Milk cotains less calcium than bread
d) You should eat more food from the narrower section of the prymid

To get a _______________ you must choose food from the six major food groups.
a) balanced diet
b) light diet
c) friendly diet
d) unbalanced diet

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