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What is fetch?
a) a method of shoreline evaluation
b) the distance that wind travels across open water
c) the circular pattern made by water particles when a wave passes
d) a type of wave cut platform

Waves begin to feel bottom when water depth is
a) equal to half the wavelength
b) equal to the wavelength
c) twice the wavelength
d) three times the wavelength

As the speed and length of a wave decrease, the wave
a) grows shorter
b) grows higher
c) moves backward
d) moves in a circle

The smallest tidal range occurs during which type of tide
a) spring tide
b) flood tide
c) neap tide
d) ebb tide

Which tidal pattern has two high tides and two low tides each day?
a) mixed
b) diurnal
c) semidiurnal
d) bediurnal

When is the daily tidal range the greatest?
a) neap tide
b) ebb tide
c) spring tide
d) flood tide

The accumulation of sediment found along the shore of a lake or ocean is called a
a) neap tide
b) longshore current
c) beach
d) sea arch

Wave impace and pressure cause
a) deposition
b) tides
c) refraction
d) erosion

One result of wave refraction is that
a) wave energy is concentrated on headlands projecting into the water
b) wave energy is concentrated in the recessed areas between headlands
c) wave energy is largely dissipated before waves reach shore
d) headlands are enlarged because sediment is deposited on their seaward side

An isolated remmnant of wave erosion is a
a) spit
b) jetty
c) groin
d) sea stack

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