Lesson 2: Hygiene Question Preview (ID: 16479)

Lesson On Hygiene.

Good hair hygiene means using only your own
a) combs
b) brushes
c) toothbrushes
d) both a and b

Which of the following is not the best way to get rid of a pimple?
a) squeeze it
b) get facial cream
c) see a dermatologist
d) wash your face regularly

Which of the following is not a reason to see a dentist?
a) When you have a pimple
b) when you have a toothache
c) when you need to get your teeth clean
d) all of the following are reason to see a dentist

Which of the following is not a way to cure acne?
a) popping your pimples
b) drinking lots of water
c) seeing a skin specialist
d) washing your face

Hygiene has to do with your
a) habits of cleanliness
b) eating habits
c) exercise routines
d) sleeping habits

If you have a flasky scalp, you have
a) dandruff
b) acne
c) hair loss
d) a toothache

If you have acne, you have
a) pimples
b) dimples
c) dandruff
d) bad breath

To annihilate something means to
a) get rid of it
b) purchase it
c) wear it often
d) wear it one time

A dermatoglist is a
a) skin specialist
b) dental surgeon
c) hair stylist
d) a nurse

Which of the following can cause tooth decay?
a) eating too much candy
b) brushing your teeth
c) flossing everyday
d) using mouth wash

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