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Which is not one of the 4 points of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Germany gained territory.
b) Germany could not rebuild its military.
c) Germany had to admit it started the war.
d) Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies.

Which of the following is not a new technology of WWI?
a) airplanes
b) computers
c) submarines
d) machine guns

Who was the first leader of the Soviet Union?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Nicholas II
c) Vladamir Lenin
d) Adolf Hitler

Which of the following countries is not an Allied Power?
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Russia
d) Germany

Which of the following is not a Central Power?
a) Great Britain
b) Germany
c) Austria Hungary
d) Ottoman Empire

What happened on June 28, 1914?
a) Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated starting WWI.
b) Japan bombed Pearl Harbour.
c) The stock market crashed.
d) Hitler invaded Poland starting WWII.

Who was the last czar of Russia?
a) Hitler
b) Nicholas II
c) Stalin
d) Mussoline

Which was not a result of WWI on Russia?
a) 4 million soldiers died.
b) Drains the governments money.
c) Citizens became more wealthy.
d) Food shortages among citizens.

Which group takes over Russia and changes its name to the Soviet Union?
a) Bolsheviks/Communists
b) Mensheviks
c) Democrats
d) Czars

In which time period did the Great Depression occur?
a) 1950's and 1960's
b) late 1920's and 1930's
c) 1980's and 1990's
d) 1800's

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