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_____________ is your body's ability to meet daily demands.
a) Fitness
b) Physical fitness
c) Emotional fitness
d) Health

Oxygen is ____________.
a) air
b) water
c) light
d) dirt

Aerobic exercise strengthen your _____________.
a) body
b) mind
c) heart
d) soul

Chemicals that create a sense of well being and reduce feelings of stress.
a) calories
b) endorphins
c) drugs
d) food

Calories are _________________________.
a) units of food energy
b) units of diet
c) units of measurements
d) units of matter

Aerobic exercise provides muscles with more
a) oxygen
b) flexibility
c) calories
d) water

Aerobic exercise builds
a) a healthy heart
b) good study skills
c) layers of fat
d) a healthy waist line

Which of the following is not a type of aerobic exercise?
a) swimming
b) biking
c) running
d) lifting weights

Exercise is a must for good ___________________.
a) health
b) social skills
c) body tone
d) physical skills

Which activity could be called aerobic?
a) taking a walk
b) talking on the phone
c) sitting in the tub
d) lying down for a nap

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