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What is force?
a) matter
b) energy
c) a push or pull
d) time

Force is measured in?
a) miles
b) Newtons
c) pounds
d) inches

If two forces of equal strength act on a object in opposite directions, they are?
a) newtons force
c) net force
d) balance forces

A spring scale is a tool best used to measure?
a) force
b) length
c) voloume
d) density

Which of these determines whether an object's motion will change?
a) size and direction of the forces acting on it
b) object's volume and state of matter
c) object's weight is equal to its mass

An upward net force greater than zero will cause an object at rest to--
a) move to the right
b) remain at rest
c) move upward
d) move downward

If one force is stronger than the others, the forces are--
a) balance
b) unbalanced
c) at rest

The formula for average speed is--
a) speed = distance x time
b) time = distance + speed
c) speed = distance รท time

Speed is written in the form of--
a) distance/time
b) volume/distance
c) force/time

A train travels 200 miles in 4 hours. What is the average speed it travel?
a) 30 miles/hours
b) 50 miles/hours
c) 50

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