The Antebellum Period Question Preview (ID: 16473)

Practice Test For Unit #2 In US History.

The belief that the interests of the nation as a whole are more important than interests of a region or of other countries is called
a) sectionalism
b) industrialism
c) nationalism
d) democratization

When the Cherokee were forced to march west, the conditions were so terrible that the march became known as the
a) Indian Removal Act
b) Path of Sorrows
c) Trail of Tears
d) Cherokee Removal Act

Which of the following were key differences between the North and the South prior to the Civil War?
a) The North was more urban, industrial, and nationalist than the South.
b) While slavery was legal in both North and South, the Southern economy depended on slave labor and the Northern economy didn't
c) The South was more urban, industrial, and nationalist than the North.
d) The South was primarily agricultural and had developed a stronger transportation network to transport goods to markets

The idea that western expansion was America’s God-given right is called
a) Manifest annexation
b) Manifest destiny
c) Mormonism
d) the Pony Express

Why was the Indian Removal Act passed?
a) to inflict pain and suffering on Native American groups
b) to North American Native Americans to South America
c) to acquire lands in the Southeast for white settlement
d) to acquire lands in the Northeast for white settlement

John Brown was a _________________ abolitionist who believed slavery should be ended by force rather than through the federal court system.
a) Immediate emancipationist
b) Christian
c) Gradual emancipationist
d) Militant

What led to the Missouri Compromise?
a) the desire to maintain a balance in the Senate
b) the fact that slavery was illegal in Missouri
c) the effort to abolish slavery in the South
d) the need to add Maine as a slave state

The addition of this territory nearly doubled the size of the United States and cost the United States as little as 42 cents/acre.
a) Florida
b) Texas
c) Gadsden Purchase
d) Louisiana Purchase

Which of the following is an example of nationalism?
a) the Compromise of 1850
b) Indian Removal Act
c) the Dred Scott decision
d) the Missouri Compromise

The first Industrial Revolution began in...
a) the British textile industry
b) the oil industry
c) the steel industry
d) the automobile industry

The belief that regional interests are more important that nationalism interests.
a) sectionalism
b) industrialism
c) nationalism
d) democratization

This document warned Europe not to colonize the Americas
a) the Adams-Onis Treaty
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Missouri Compromise
d) the Monroe Doctrine

This person invented the cotton gin...
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Eli Whitney
c) Thomas Edison
d) John Adams

A fort were the most famous battle of the Texas Revolution took place
a) Alamo
b) Houston
c) Dallas
d) Galveston

A period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production
a) Democratization
b) The Gilded Age
c) Industrialization
d) Communism

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