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In which battle were over 150 men, women and children of the Lakota ribe killed, thus ending Native American resistance to the US government in the Plains?
a) the Wounded Knee Massacre
b) Chief Joseph's surrender
c) the Sand Creek Massacre
d) The Battle of Little Bighorn

During the late 1800s, some people explained the huge inequalities in American society by using a philosophy called
a) entrepreneurs
b) social Darwinism
c) vertical integration
d) robber barons

Andrew Carnegies was an entrepreneur because he
a) founded his own steel company and came to dominate the industry
b) believed in Social Darwinism
c) devoted his time and fortune to building public libraries and financing education
d) practiced horizontal and vertical integration

Nativists resented immigrants because
a) immigrants often took the best-paying jobs
b) immigrants often spoke English better than they did
c) they blamed immigratns for increases in crime and poverty and said immigrants took jobs away from Americans
d) settlement houses excluded native-born Americans from social and cultural programs

What two companies built the first transcontinental railroad?
a) the Union Pacific and Central Pacific
b) the Illinois Cental and the California Central
c) the Utah Express and the Kansas Express
d) the Eastern Central and the Western Central

What improvements in working conditions were the original union instrumental in promoting?
a) prohibiting child labor and limited the number of hourse women could work
b) setting higher standards of hygiene in factories
c) serving more nutritous foods in factory cafeterias
d) improved factory ventilation systems

Most new immigrants
a) Eventually returend to their country of origin
b) Tried to preserve their Old Country thus leading to their persecution
c) Quickly assimilated to mainstream American life
d) Converted to mainstream Protestantism

The oil industry owed the majority of its growth and expansion to
a) Thomas Edison
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) John D. Rockefeller
d) Jay Gould

During the Gilded Age, most railroad laborers were primarily
a) White Southern Americans
b) Chinese and Irish immigrants
c) Jewish Russian immigrants
d) Scandinavian immigrants

'Laissez-faire' capitalism promotes the idea that
a) the economy should be controlled by the community
b) businesses have the same legal rights as a person
c) the government is allowed to take priavte property for public use
d) government should not interfere with the free market

An organized group of workers created to protect and further the interests of workers
a) labor unions
b) lobbyists
c) 'scabs'
d) overseers

New immigratns in the late 1800s mainly came to the United States from
a) northern Europe
b) western Europe
c) Eastern Europe and East Asia
d) Australia

What industry fueled the Second Industrial Revolution?
a) Railroads
b) Oil
c) Steel
d) All of the Above

What opened up the country to new settlement and growth?
a) Haymarket Riot
b) Tenements
c) Transcontinental Railroad
d) Covered wagons

Persecution, famine, poverty, political revolution are examples of...
a) Pull factors for immigrants during the late 19th century
b) Push factors for immigrants during the late 19th century
c) the Gilded Age
d) Consequences of capitalism

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