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Abraham Lincoln's election to presidency caused which of the following?
a) South Carolina seceding from the Union
b) Emancipation Proclamation
c) Northerners rushed to enlist in the Union army
d) John Bell declared the South's independence

The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that
a) white Americans have more rights than African Americans
b) African Americans will ahve the same legal rigths as white Americans
c) slavery is ended in the United States
d) African Americans born in free states will have the same legal rights as white Americans

Which amendment guaranteed African American men the right to vote?
a) Thirteenth Amendment
b) Fourteenth Amendment
c) Fifteenth Amendment
d) Sixteenth Amendment

What caused Congress to take a more active role in Reconstruction?
a) terrorist groups operating in the North
b) opposition to Johnson's plan for Reconstruction
c) the assassination of Lincoln
d) concern about Black Codes and the return of former Confederates to power

Which of the following plans for Reconstruction was harshest toward the South?
a) the 10 % plan
b) the Wade-Davis bill
c) Johnson's plan
d) the Freedmen's plan

The act of war that started the Civil War was
a) Lincoln's Election
b) Battle of Bull Run
c) Bombing at Fort Sumter
d) John Brown's raid

Laws that restricted the rights of African Americans in the South after the Civil War were:
a) Reconstruction Acts
b) Black Codes
c) Fugitive Slave Law
d) Civil Rights Act of 1866

The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in:
a) Kentucky
b) States loyal to the Union
c) States in rebellion
d) the entire United States

Which of the following is NOT true of the sharecropping system?
a) Most of the time, farm workers traded the right to live on the land for a portion of the product
b) In the South, there were only black sharecroppers
c) Employers were supposed to provide farm tools in exchange for farm labor
d) The sharecropping system was used to keep freedmen in poverty and debt

Which of the following forced the US to determine which states and territories would allow slavery and which would be free?
a) Reconstruction
b) Nationalism
c) Westward Expansion
d) Sectionalism

Which of the following was a White southerner who supported Reconstruction?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Carpetbagger
c) Freedmen
d) Scalawag

What was the terrorist group active in the South during Reconstruction?
a) KKK
b) Fugitive Slaves
c) March to Sea
d) Popular Sovereignty

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