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The Charter of the Virginia Company of London--
a) guaranteed colonists the rights of Englishmen.
b) gave citizens the right to vote.
c) took power from the king.
d) stated grievances against the king.

The Virginia Declaration of Rights was a model for--
a) the U.S. Constitution.
b) the Declaration of Independence.
c) the U.S. Bill of Rights.
d) written by Thomas Jefferson.

I may choose to go to any church I wish because of--
a) the Declaration of Independence.
b) the Magna Carta.
c) the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
d) the Mayflower Compact.

The Declaration of Independence stated--
a) all men could vote.
b) we have a right to bear arms.
c) grievances against the king.
d) the nobles wanted more power.

The unalienable rights are part of--
a) the Declaration of Independence.
b) the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
c) the U.S. Constitution.
d) the Bill of Rights.

The first national government of the U.S. came from--
a) the Declaration of Independence.
b) the English Bill of Rights.
c) the Articles of Confederation.
d) the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

The Articles of Confederation had--
a) too much central power.
b) not enough power for the states.
c) no power to tax.
d) a common currency.

The introduction to the U.S. Constitution is called--
a) the introduction.
b) the Articles.
c) the Amendments
d) the Preamble.

The goals and purposes of government are outlined in--
a) the Virginia Declaration of Rights.
b) the Preamble.
c) the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom.
d) the Articles of Confederation.

The __________ established a plan for future government.
a) Magna Carta
b) English Bill of Rights
c) Bill of Rights
d) Mayflower Compact

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