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Which of the following shows that Shi Huangdi was a follower of Legalism?
a) He provided landowners with more land for farming.
b) He encouraged people to always act decently.
c) He insisted that the Chinese people respect nature.
d) He created a strong government with strict laws.

Which of the following statements best summarizes the philosophy of Daoism?
a) All people should be allowed to own property.
b) All people should follow the rules of society.
c) All people should live in an ethical manner.
d) All people should live in harmony with nature.

Confucius stated that moral leadership, not laws, would bring order to China. What does this mean?
a) Leaders should act decently and always try to do the right thing.
b) Laws should be made that require people to behave correctly.
c) People who become leaders should disregard the laws of China.
d) workers should act the same as farmers and artisans.

The Zhou leaders granted land in return for loyalty, military support, and other services. This system was essentially a way to
a) encourage farmers and nobles to get along better.
b) increase farming throughout China.
c) share wealth for the good of the people.
d) purchase people's loyalty and support.

The Shang were the first people in China to
a) use advanced metal tools.
b) develop a writing system.
c) hunt with bows and arrows.
d) domesticate pigs and sheep.

(Priests had carved questions about the future on bones or shells, which were then heated, causing them to crack. The priests believed they could “read” these cracks to predict the future.) A scientist today would think that this technique
a) is effective only when used with bones, not shells.
b) is one of the most reliable ways we have of predicting the future.
c) shows that the early Chinese were very scientific.
d) is not suitable for predicting the future.

Which of the following shows the social order under the Shang?
a) farmers, nobles, artisans, slaves
b) nobles, artisans, farmers, slaves
c) artisans, nobles, farmers, slaves
d) nobles, farmers, artisans, slaves

Which of the following best describes how Chinese society changed as a result of the Shang dynasty?
a) The social order in China became more organized.
b) The number of poor people in China increased.
c) The control of the people by kings decreased.
d) The landowners were forced to give up their wealth.

Two great rivers flow from east to west in China. What does this reveal about the geography of China?
a) Rivers there tend to flow toward or away from deserts.
b) Mountain ranges there tend to run from north to south.
c) Rivers there tend to run through areas with high plateaus.
d) Mountain ranges there tend to run from east to west.

Flooded rivers in China left silt deposits. What happened as a result of this?
a) People began to grow crops in the rich soil.
b) People began to graze animals along the river.
c) People began to learn about other cultures.
d) People began to defend themselves against others.

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