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Acer Saccharum is the scientific name for the Sugar Maple and Acer Palmatum is the scientific name for the Japanese Maple. What is Acer in both of these tree names?
a) The phylum that shows no relation to maples.
b) The class name that designates the plants as trees.
c) The genus that designates the trees as maples.
d) The kingdom that designates the trees as plants.

What is the level of classification in which organisms can mate with each other and where the offspring can also mate and produce offspring?
a) kingdom
b) class
c) species
d) family

The classification system for organisms is the basis for —
a) binomial nomenclature.
b) scientific theory.
c) animal behavior.
d) animal genetics.

All organisms have two scientific names. What classification levels do these names identify?
a) order and family
b) family and species
c) genus and order
d) genus and species

The term “binomial nomenclature” refers to an organism’s —
a) kingdom and phylum.
b) class and order.
c) family and genus.
d) genus and species.

Pinus virginianis, a type of tree, is probably most common in —
a) the state of Virginia.
b) the Virgin Islands.
c) Pine Cove Beach.
d) Pine Valley.

In order for a living thing to be classified as a member of a given species, it must —
a) have the exact characteristics of the other members of the species.
b) be able to interbreed successfully with other members of the species.
c) have a spinal cord incased in a backbone
d) eat the same types of foods.

In which taxonomic category are the members generally able to reproduce among themselves?
a) genus
b) species
c) kingdom
d) family

Animals that have vertebra and use gills to breathe are called —
a) birds.
b) mammals.
c) fish.
d) insects.

A salamander is cold blooded and spends time in water and on land.
a) amphibian.
b) bird.
c) mammal.
d) fish.

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