Marketing 3.01 Question Preview (ID: 16451)

Marketing 3.01.

Which activity is addressed in the product/service management function?
a) Setting discounts to clear products from inventory
b) Determining where products will be offered for sale
c) Focusing promotional activities on a new-product release
d) Eliminating products that are slow sellers

What is one way businesses use computer technology to obtain information to improve their product/service mix?
a) Mailing questionnaires to customers
b) Tracking visitors to their web sites
c) Compiling detailed databases
d) Preparing interactive software programs

When a company uses its product wrapping to promote the preservation of an endangered animal species, it is engaging in an ethical practice called
a) political lobbying.
b) environmental labeling.
c) cause packaging.
d) provocative branding.

Which of the following is an unethical situation in product/service management?
a) Vincent Electronics discontinues production of a slow-moving solar calculator
b) Travis Manufacturing uses recycled materials for its product packaging.
c) Donna's Dress Boutique obtains deep discounts from a new clothing designer.
d) The Simpson Company embellishes the information that it places on its product labels

Why is the quality level of a product an important product/service management decision?
a) It identifies a product's brand.
b) It reflects the image of the business.
c) It protects the consumers.
d) It refers to the way the product works

Five years after a new product has been introduced, sales begin to level off because customers are purchasing the competitor's brand. What strategy would be most appropriate to use in this situation?
a) Take the product off the market
b) Do nothing; fluctuations in sales are common
c) Modify the product to renew customer interest
d) Triple the advertising budget for the product

Why might profits sometimes decline for the company that first introducted the product during the growth stage of a product's life cycle?
a) Because sales decline in the growth stage
b) Because marketing strategies are adjusted
c) Because competitors have entered the market
d) Because production is more efficient

A business is behaving unethically if its product's label contains
a) nutritional values.
b) recyclable materials.
c) mandatory requirements.
d) misleading information.

Which of the following is a way that a business can extend the life cycle of an established product?
a) By promoting the product to current users
b) By finding new uses for the product
c) By restricting distribution
d) By attracting consumers who are innovators

What is a technologically advanced method that allows businesses to produce products that are specialized for a very few customers?
a) Intermittent conversion
b) Automatic production
c) Computerized robotics
d) Mass customization

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