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The lower part of the mantle is the
a) crust.
b) mesosphere.
c) lithosphere.
d) core.

The layer of rock that comprises 67% of the Earth's mass is the
a) core.
b) asthenosphere
c) mantle.
d) mesosphere.

Tectonic plates consist of
a) mesosphere.
b) both continental and oceanic crust.
c) continental crust.
d) oceanic crust.

The layer made of solid rock that slowly flows is the
a) lithosphere.
b) core.
c) asthenosphere.
d) mesosphere.

The deep interior of the Earth can be mapped using
a) ocean waves.
b) seismic waves.
c) information from drilling expeditions.
d) sonar.

The layer of Earth made mostly of iron is the
a) core.
b) crust.
c) mantle.
d) lithosphere.

The thin, solid outermost layer above the mantle is the
a) core.
b) mantle.
c) asthenosphere.
d) crust.

The rigid layer made up of crust and upper mantle is the
a) mesosphere.
b) asthenosphere.
c) crust.
d) lithosphere

When two tectonic plates come together they form
a) rifts.
b) deltas.
c) an ice cream cone.
d) mountains.

The Earth only has continental plates.
a) True
b) false

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