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Human beings are
a) machines.
b) protists.
c) organisms
d) systems.

One benefit of being a large organism is that you have
a) fewer predators.
b) simpler functions.
c) only one kind of cell.
d) larger cells.

The life span of a multicellular organism is
a) the same in every cell.
b) not limited to the life of a single cell.
c) shorter that that of a single-celled organism.
d) only as long as the life of one cell.

A group of cells with the same function makes up
a) a tissue.
b) a structure.
c) an organ system.
d) an organism.

In what kind of tissue does photosynthesis take place?
a) transport
b) nerve
c) ground
d) muscle

An organ consists of
a) a group of cells.
b) two or more tissues.
c) nerves and muscles.
d) two or more systems.

An organ system has
a) two or more organs.
b) only one function.
c) one kind of tissue.
d) one kind of cell.

Even simple multicellular organisms can have
a) systems.
b) colonies.
c) organs.
d) specialized cells.

The highest level of organization is the
a) system.
b) cell.
c) tissue.
d) organ.

The functions of a an organism's parts are related to those parts'
a) blood cells.
b) systems.
c) structures.
d) alveoli.

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