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Which two religions came to China along the Silk Road?
a) Christianity and Islam
b) Hinduism and Buddhism
c) Catholic and Protestant
d) Hinduism and Christianity

Which of the following people would the Ancient Chinese consult to receive answers to questions they had for ancestors?
a) priest
b) Bible
c) teachers
d) oracles

Who was the most important philosopher, or thinker, in early China?
a) Shi Huangdi
b) Confucius
c) Socrates
d) Buddha

What was Confucius’ most important goal?
a) gain fame and fortune for himself
b) cause the people of China to overthrow the Han dynasty
c) help people get rich
d) bring peace and stability to Chinese society

What trade route connected China with the west?
a) Royal Highway
b) Silk Road
c) Han Pass
d) Columbus Exchange

How are the ideas of Confucius similar to the beliefs of most Americans?
a) Both stressed the importance morality in family and government
b) Both emphasize the importance of nature.
c) Both believe that all people should have access to government
d) Both believe that only aristocrats should make laws

Why did the fighting between powerful groups within China continue so long?
a) China's population was so large.
b) Then King's army did not have enough weapons.
c) Soldiers demanded higher pay.
d) China lacked a strong government.

What was the first dynasty in China?
a) Qin
b) Tang
c) Han
d) Shang

Which of these was the most important in Chinese society according to Confucius?
a) empires
b) families
c) cities
d) kingdoms

Which landform separates China from its neighbors to the north?
a) the Pacific Ocean
b) the Plateau of Tibet
c) the Gobi Desert
d) the Himalayan Mountains

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