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Why does the air temperature rise in the summer?
a) We are closer to the sun
b) The air becomes thicker and denser.
c) The sun's rays are more direct and days are longer.
d) The ration of the hours of daylight to the hours of night is reduced.

What causes seasons?
a) Earth being closer and farther away from the Sun.
b) Earth rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun.
c) Earth's tilt as it revolves around the sun receiving direct and indirect sunlight.
d) Earth's land and water heating and cooling unevenly.

Which month would Georgia have the sun't light strike at the lowest angle?
a) December
b) June
c) March
d) September

Why is it summer in the Southern Hemisphere when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere? The Southern Hemisphere is
a) closest to the sun
b) facing the sun.
c) tilted towards the sun receiving direct sun rays.
d) balancing out the temperatures for Earth.

Which two seasons are associated with equal days and night as well as mild climate (not too cold and not too hot)?
a) summer and winter
b) spring and fall
c) summer and fall
d) winter and spring

Which season has the most hours of daylight, direct light, and warmer temperatures?
a) Fall
b) Winter
c) Spring
d) Summer

What season and climate are associated with the Northern Hemisphere when it is tilted towards the sun?
a) Summer; Cold
b) Winter; cold
c) Winter; Warm
d) Summer; Warm

Which of the following characteristic apply to Winter in Georgia?
a) sun higher in sky, direct light, warmer, longer days
b) sun lower in sky, indirect light, cooler, shorter days
c) sun lower in sky, direct light, cooler, longer days
d) sun lower in sky, indirect light, warmer, shorter days

Which of the characteristics explains why it is cooler in the morning than at lunch time?
a) Morning: sun low in horizon, indirect light, cooler Noon: sun higer in horizon, direct light, warmer
b) Morning: sun higer in horizon, direct light, warmer Noon: sun lower in horizon, indirect light, cooler
c) Morning: land heats faster Noon: water heats slowly
d) The temperatures are the same in the morning and at lunch

In Georgia, summer occurs in July and winter occurs in January. Which of these BEST describe the difference between January and July?
a) Earth is closer to the Sun in July than in January.
b) Earth is closer to the Sun in January than in July.
c) The Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun in July.
d) The Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun in January.

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