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These all you to draw freehand and to create your own images and graphics
a) paint tools
b) vector shapes
c) layer styles
d) gradients

A fill consisting of two or more colors blending together
a) paint tools
b) gradients
c) vector shapes
d) layer styles

A tool used to select a specific regularly shaped area
a) blur tool
b) color tool
c) marquee tool
d) burn tool

A tool that controls the foreground and background colors
a) color tool
b) blur tool
c) smudge tool
d) crop tool

Tool that lightens an area of an image
a) crop tool
b) burn tool
c) sponge tool
d) dodge tool

A tool that lets you add text to your image
a) crop tool
b) dodge tool
c) sponge tool
d) type tool

A tool that darkens an area of an image
a) color tool
b) sponge tool
c) burn tool
d) crop tool

A tool that changes the level of saturation of colors for an area of an image
a) dodge tool
b) sponge tool
c) sharpen tool
d) burn tool

Tool will slide the colors of an image around and blend them together
a) burn tool
b) sponge tool
c) dodge tool
d) smudge tool

The ___ refers to the amount of transparency a layer has.
a) gradient
b) opacity
c) hue
d) resolution

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