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Who said, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” and what does it mean?
a) George Washington – Let Freedom ring
b) Samuel Adams – Freedom is worth dying for
c) Patrick Henry – Freedom is worth dying for
d) John Paul Jones – Freedom is worth dying for

What was considered the start of the American Revolution, or the “Shot Heard Around the World?”
a) Bunker Hill
b) Lexington/Concord
c) Saratoga
d) Yorktown

From the point of view of someone living during the 1770’s in the American colonies, a patriot is someone who
a) supported the movement for American Independence
b) attempted to referee disputes against Britain and the colonies
c) supported the authority of the King over the colonies
d) attempted to stop all trade with American Merchants

Which of these events happened in 1781?
a) Lord Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown
b) Declaration of Independence is written
c) British occupy Fort Ticonderoga
d) Americans hold the stamp act congress

What is significant about July 4th, 1776?
a) The Declaration of Independence is signed
b) The Constitution is written
c) The Articles of Confederation is written
d) The Bill of Rights are written

Who was the commander of the Continental Army?
a) Benedict Arnold
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Thomas Paine

British colonists objected to the Proclamation of 1763 mainly because
a) resented the limits on westward expansion
b) did not want to share control of fur trade with France
c) feared it would provoke attacks from American Indians
d) wanted to be able to trade freely with foreign nations

What does judiciary refer?
a) Congress
b) Courts
c) Military
d) President

The 13 original colonies are located along which body of water?
a) Gulf of Mexico
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Mississippi River
d) Atlantic Ocean

The document that ended the American Revolution and laid out the national borders of the United States was
a) Albany Plan of Union
b) Treaty of Paris 1783
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Proclamation of 1763

Which of the following would have most likely been said by a loyalist?
a) The King is a tyrant
b) To sever ties with our mother country is unthinkable
c) We will be much better off without England controlling our trade
d) By geography alone, our ties with England should be severed

What document gives people unalienable rights?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Bill of Rights
c) Constitution
d) Magna Carta

Which of the following would have most likely been said by a Patriot?
a) Separating from England would be disastrous for business
b) We speak the same languages, have the same traditions, and we owe allegiance to the same king
c) They are determined to deprive us of the rights to which we were born
d) Can there be any greater tyranny than the King and Parliament

Which of the grievances against England listed in the Declaration of Independence was later addressed in the Bill of Rights?
a) suspending our own legislature
b) cutting off trade with all parts of the world
c) Imposing taxes on us without our consent
d) Depriving us, in many cases of the trial by jury

Where did George Washington lose ¼ of his troops to starvation and disease?
a) Boston
b) Valley Forge
c) Bunker Hill
d) Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin convinced what country to aide the Patriot cause after the battle of Saratoga?
a) Spain
b) England
c) France
d) Germany

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense to –
a) criticize King George III for his support of the French and Indian War
b) explain why the American colonies should form an alliance with Spain
c) criticize the military
d) increase public support for American Independence

Unalienable rights are best described as rights that
a) must be earned
b) have to be purchased
c) are possessed by all people
d) can be transferred between people

The Quartering Act required colonists to
a) pay one-forth of military costs.
b) provide housing for British soldiers
c) donate space for a military headquarters
d) serve a quarter of the year in the military

Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Samuel Adams
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Paine
d) Thomas Jefferson

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