Distribution Channels Question Preview (ID: 16433)

Review Channels, Intermediaries, And Intensity.

A drop shipper owns the products he sells and ships them to the buyer.
a) true
b) false

When a producer sells to the consumer the channel is known as:
a) selective
b) intensive
c) direct
d) indirect

Someone who manages a product inventory by refilling stock and maintaining the store’s displays is known as a:
a) dro shipper
b) retailer
c) manufacturer's agent
d) rack jobber

A distributor who is paid a commission to bring buyers and sellers together is a/an:
a) agent
b) retailer
c) rack jobber
d) merchant

A middleman is also known as a/an:
a) channel of distribution
b) intermediary
c) direct distribution
d) market position

Anyone involved in any sales transaction that moves products from producer to consumer.
a) agent
b) wholesaler
c) retailer
d) channel member

Using all suitable outlets to sell a product.
a) direct distribution
b) intensive distribution
c) selective distribution
d) indirect distribution

An agent owns the products and a merchant does not.
a) true
b) false

Provides exposure to a small business that they could not get elsewhere.
a) agent
b) wholesaler
c) e-marketplace
d) merchant

When a mortgage broker arranges for a loan for a consumer the distribution channel is:
a) intensive
b) indirect
c) selective
d) direct

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