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The process of transmitting messages between all involved parties.
a) Message
b) Setting
c) Communication
d) Channeling

Ross sent a text message to Alex. Which part of the communication process is he using
a) Message
b) Barriers
c) Setting
d) Channel

Marco and Jade presented a Pre-calc presentation to the class. The information they shared was called the:
a) Barrier
b) Setting
c) Message
d) Channel

In the show titled "Lie to me", the investigators determine who is not telling the truth by using which type of communication?
a) Verbal
b) Telephone
c) Written
d) Non-verbal

What type of workplace communication is the next best option to face to face.
a) Voice-only
b) Email
c) Letter
d) Videoconferencing

If I were to lecture the entire 90 minutes, most students would shut down before the end of class. Which communication barrier is interfering with the class?
a) Interruptions
b) Information overload
c) Noise
d) Language

What is the formal type of communication used outside a business
a) Business letter
b) Report
c) Memo
d) Company publication

Matt wants to inquire about a job opening at Bank of America. Which form of written communication should he use?
a) Email
b) Report
c) Memo
d) Letter

Verbal communications includes:
a) Body language and writing
b) Speaking and listening skills
c) Speaking and body language
d) Facial expressions and body language

All are advantages of written communciation except:
a) Ability to carefully prepare the message
b) Provides a written record if legal documentation is required
c) Consistent information delivered to any number of people
d) Provides immediate feedback

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