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A ______________ is a person who studies weather.
a) meteorologist
b) geologist
c) weatherologist
d) hydrologist

Winter storms are classified as _____________ if the winds are high, the temperature is low, and the visibility is low.
a) blizzards
b) hurricanes
c) thunderstorms
d) typhoons

A _____________ is a large, swirling, low-pressure system that forms over the Atlantic Ocean.
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) blizzard
d) cold front

When two air masses meet, there is a ___________ or boundary
a) front
b) thunderstorm
c) wastch
d) cloud

A(n) ________________ is a large body of air that has properties similar to the part of the Earth's surface over which it develops.
a) air mass
b) tornado
c) pressure system
d) front

A violently rotating column of air is called a ______ when it comes in contact with the ground.
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) trace wind
d) local wind

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are all forms of ___________.
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) climate

When water is cooled to its dew point, it forms a cloud on the ground called
a) fog
b) condensation
c) cumulus
d) precipitation

The ___________ is the temperature at which air is saturated and condensation forms.
a) dew point
b) relative humidity
c) humidity
d) front

When the _______ is 50%, the air contains 50% of the water needed for the air to be saturated.
a) relative humidity
b) humidity
c) precipitation
d) dew point

The amount of water vapor present in the air is called _____________?
a) humidity
b) weather
c) air mass
d) dew point

When water droplets form around dust particles and become heavy enough to fall out of the clouds, we have _________
a) precipitation
b) wind
c) fog
d) dew point

Water drops can form on surfaces at night when the air is clear because ___________.
a) the air near the ground cools to its dew point
b) the air near the ground is colder than the ground
c) the air is NOT saturated
d) the relative humidity decreases

The interaction of air, water, and __________ results in weather.
a) sun
b) humidity
c) land
d) wind

Thick, puffy clouds are called ______________ clouds.
a) cumulus
b) stratus
c) nimbus
d) cirrus

Violent storms generally form along a(n) __________________ front.
a) cold front
b) occluded front
c) warm front
d) stationary front

An air mass that forms off the southeast coast of the US is ________________.
a) warm, moist
b) cold, dry
c) cool, moist
d) hot, dry

Hurricanes form over ________________.
a) tropical oceans
b) grasslands
c) mountain ranges near oceans
d) temperate zones

Raindrops that pass through a layer of freezing air near the ground become _____________.
a) sleet
b) snow with a different form of flake
c) hail
d) fog

Lightning results from ______________
a) the build up of positive and negative electrical charges in clouds
b) high winds
c) the rapid heating of air
d) when air heats and expands rapidly, then cools quickly and contracts

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