Romeo And Juliet Act 2 Question Preview (ID: 16418)

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When Juliet appears on her balcony, what does Romeo compare her to?
a) The stars
b) The sun
c) The moon
d) The sky

What has Friar Lawrence been out gathering in his basket?
a) Flowers
b) money for the church
c) canned foods
d) Blankets

What is Friar Lawrence worried about when he first sees Romeo
a) That Romeo has slept with Rosaline
b) That Romeo has run away with Juliet
c) That Romeo has killed a Capulet
d) That Romeo has insulted Tybalt

How does Friar Lawrence regard Romeo's love for Juliet?
a) He doubts the sincerity of Romeo's feelings
b) He is excited for Romeo
c) He is worried that Rosaline will find out
d) He fears Juliet will not feel the same.

Who challenges Romeo to a duel?
a) Paris
b) Lord Capulet
c) Mercutio
d) Tybalt

How does Mercutio describe Tybalt?
a) smart and weak
b) dumb and strong
c) skilled and vain
d) cocky and conceited

How will Juliet sneak away to Friar Lawrence's cell?
a) wait for her parents to go to sleep
b) She will pretend to go to confession
c) She will sneak out after midnight
d) She will have the nurse create a diversion

Why doesn't the nurse tell Juliet what Romeo said right away?
a) She doesn't want her to marry Romeo
b) She claims to be tired and out of breath
c) She feels Juliet needs to learn patience
d) She doesn't want Juliet to be disappointed

What advice does Friar Lawrence give Romeo before the wedding?
a) Do not love too intensely
b) Do not confuse lust for love
c) Do not forget to honor God
d) Do not betray Juliet

Why doesn't Romeo leave with Mercutio and Benvolio after the Capulet party?
a) He wants to see Juliet again
b) He wants to find Rosaline
c) He wants to ambush Tybalt
d) He is tired of their jokes

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