Helping Verbs Question Preview (ID: 16417)

Identify The Helping Verb In The Sentence.

Mike should have ate all his food.
a) Mike
b) should have
c) ate
d) food

I am waiting on the bus.
a) am
b) waiting
c) am waiting
d) bus

Grandma may know how to build a birdhouse.
a) Grandma
b) may
c) know
d) birdhouse

LIsa has taken a job with Target.
a) Lisa
b) taken
c) has
d) job

Patty will be sorry she said that.
a) will be
b) she
c) sorry
d) Patty

Alex would have done his homework if he had more time.
a) done
b) Alex
c) had
d) would have

You must not talk during the movie.
a) you
b) must not
c) must
d) talk

Lisa has been waiting to ride the train for a while now.
a) has been
b) waiting
c) ride
d) now

Sally may need some help.
a) Sally
b) may
c) need
d) help

Tammy has been working at the mall for years.
a) has been
b) working
c) mall
d) for

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