World History - Ch 6 Set 1 Question Preview (ID: 16400)

First Set Of Questions For Ch 6 Quiz.

The Declaration of Independence was written by
a) John Adams.
b) Benjamin Franklin.
c) Thomas Jefferson.
d) Patrick Henry.

The first national government of the 13 individual states in North America was created by the
a) Constitution.
b) Navigation Acts.
c) Articles of Confederation.
d) Declaration of Independence.

The Bill of Rights was influenced by
a) Voltaire.
b) Beccaria.
c) Rousseau.
d) all of these.

The American Revolution was influenced by
a) British policies.
b) political scientists.
c) the philosophes.
d) all of these.

Salons helped to spread
a) the geocentric theory.
b) only the ideas of the philosophes.
c) only the ideas of political scientists.
d) Enlightenment thinking.

Isaac Newton explained the
a) anatomy of the human body.
b) law of universal gravitation.
c) chemical composition of matter.
d) chemical composition of fruit, primarily figs.

In which of the following ways did the taxation problem in America differ before and after independence?
a) Before were too many British taxes; after were not enough federal taxes.
b) Before were too few British taxes; after were too many federal taxes.
c) Before were too many British taxes; after were too many federal taxes.
d) Before were too few British taxes; after were not enough federal taxes.

In general, the philosophes believed in which of the following?
a) expanding women's rights
b) all Church decrees
c) progress for society
d) authoritarian rule

In the 1700s, which of the following showed the influence of Enlightenment ideas?
a) a woman reading a novel
b) a woman allowing her child to have a smallpox vaccination
c) a man attending a salon
d) all of these

How were Thomas Hobbes and Catherine the Great similar?
a) Both were influenced by John Locke.
b) Both believed that a monarch should have absolute authority.
c) Both were affected by the horrors of the English Civil War.
d) Both were influenced by Voltaire and Baron de Montesquieu.

How did Zacharias Janssen make Anton van Leeuwenhoek's discoveries possible?
a) He invented the microscope.
b) He offered Leeuwenhoek financial support.
c) He provided valuable research information to Leeuwenhoek.
d) He invented the thermometer.

How did the Scientific Revolution influence the American Revolution?
a) Questioning assumptions led to challenging ideas about government.
b) Scientific discoveries influenced British foreign policies.
c) The heliocentric theory caused unrest among the colonists.
d) The salons influenced the French and Indian War.

How did the Declaration of Independence embody Enlightenment ideals?
a) It stated that all titles of nobility should be abolished.
b) It protected the rights of the accused and prohibited cruel punishment.
c) It set up a system of checks and balances for the U.S. government.
d) It said that people have rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How did the Baroque style and the neoclassical style differ?
a) Baroque was used for music; neoclassical was used for painting.
b) Baroque was used by Mozart; neoclassical was used by Bach.
c) Baroque was grand and ornate; neoclassical was simple and elegant.
d) All of these.

Frederick II supported which of the following?
a) freedom of worship
b) the Christian religion.
c) wealthy landowners.
d) direct democracy.

Francis Bacon helped to develop
a) the microscope.
b) the law of the pendulum.
c) the scientific method.
d) the barometer.

European art of the 1600s and early 1700s was dominated by a grand, ornate style called
a) neoclassical.
b) classical.
c) baroque.
d) gothic.

Between 1550 and 1789, Enlightenment ideas swept
a) only through France and colonial America.
b) only through European society.
c) through European society and colonial America.
d) throughout the world.

A major reason for the colonists' victory over Britain was
a) superior weaponry.
b) a stronger motivation to fight.
c) military support from Italy.
d) more experienced generals.

The heliocentric theory challenged the
a) political scientists.
b) observed patterns.
c) geocentric theory.
d) mathematical theories.

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