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How did John Tyler become president?
a) as a result of a vote in the House of Representatives
b) as a result of the "corrupt bargain"
c) Harrison died in office
d) a landslide victory

Jackson believed the ______________ favored the rich and "killed" it.
a) Cherokee Nation
b) Congress
c) Supreme Court
d) Bank of the United States

What president was raised in poverty?
a) William Henry Harrison
b) John Quincy Adams
c) Andrew Jackson
d) John Jay

Jackson's replacing federal workers with his supporters was called _____________.
a) the corrupt bargain
b) the spoils system
c) secession
d) illegal

A move to a new place is called ____________.
a) relocation
b) removal
c) secession
d) corruption

Who was known as "Old Hickory?"
a) William Henry Harrison
b) John Tyler
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Tippecanoe

Andrew Jackson did not become president in 1824 due to the provisions of the _____ Amendment.
a) 19th
b) 12th
c) 5th
d) 10th

Who led the Sauk and Fox in their resistance?
a) Osceola
b) Black Hawk
c) Black Fox
d) Sequoya

Who created a Cherokee alphabet?
a) Osceola
b) Black Hawk
c) Black Fox
d) Sequoya

What increased the cost of European goods?
a) majority
b) secession
c) plurality
d) tariff

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