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Rashad wears glasses and wants to know if this is an inherited trait. What branch of science deals with how traits are inherited:
a) genetics
b) heredity
c) biology
d) embryology

Tommy has been complaining of a back ache. He thinks his bookbag weighs too much. How much does it probably weigh?
a) 5 kg
b) 6 m
c) 11 ml
d) 20 mm

Matthew was horseplaying in the lab. He knocked off equipment and chemicals spilled in the floor. He tells Hayes to fix the problem. What should Hayes do?
a) wipe it up immediately
b) pour water over it
c) notify the teacher
d) sweep it under the lab table and wait for some poor sucker to fall

Sidney's favorite color is green. Which organelle in the cell does she adore because it is responsible for making her favorite color in plants:
a) cell wall
b) nucleus
c) large central vacuole
d) chloroplasts

Allie made a poster with the things that plant cells have that animal cells do not. What did she need to put on her poster?
a) cell wall
b) large central vacuole
c) chloroplasts
d) all of these things

Blake's favorite lab was when we made edible models of the smallest unit of life. What did he make a model of?
a) an atom
b) DNA model
c) the cell
d) osmosis fruit roll ups

In health class Scottlin learns about the haploid female sex cell formed during meiosis, what did she learn about?
a) egg
b) sperm
c) zygote
d) ovary

Warren's favorite movie was about osmosis Jones. What is osmosis anyway?
a) when water molecules move from low to high areas of concentration
b) when water molecules move from areas of high to low areas of concentration
c) a type of active transport
d) none of these

Cody is always moving around the room! This reminds me of the type of transport where molecules require energy to move from areas of low concentration to high concentration. What is it?
a) active transport
b) passive transport
c) diffusion
d) osmosis

Ceyde and Kelly were actually working in lab ;) and measured an amount of liquid in the graduated cylinder. What units do they need on the end?
a) mg
b) mm
c) ml
d) m

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