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What was introduced in the 1828 campaign and became a permanent part of American politics?
a) political cartoons
b) mudslinging
c) campaign contributions
d) caucuses

Whose supporters replaced caucuses with nominating conventions?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) William Henry Harrison
c) Andrew Jackson
d) John Tyler

Which act allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans to move west?
a) Indian Removal Act
b) Settlers Act
c) Sequoya Act
d) Native American Act

Who were the only Native Americans to successfully resist removal by the military?
a) Cherokee
b) Fox
c) Sauk
d) Seminole

Who was the first president to die in office?
a) William Henry Harrison
b) John Tyler
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Abraham Lincoln

What word means to break away from?
a) nullify
b) caucus
c) expand
d) secede

Whose attitude was "laissez-faire" about the country's depression?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) John Quincy Adams
c) Martin Van Buren
d) William Henry Harrison

The __________ slogan was "Tippecanoe anad Tyler, too."
a) Republican-Democrats
b) Democrat-Republicans
c) New Party
d) Whigs

The forced march of the Cherokee to the Indian Territory was known as the _______.
a) Trail of Tears
b) Abomination Trail
c) Cherokee March
d) Indian Removal March

Osceola led the rebellion of the _________.
a) Fox
b) Cherokee
c) Sauk
d) Seminole

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