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A fat (such the kind in a as a doughnut) that is hydrogenated is ______.
a) more unsaturated
b) easier to digest
c) more solid
d) less likely to cause strokes

Which of the following is a health effect of a diet high in saturated fats?
a) increased risk of heart attack
b) decreased risk of stroke
c) decreased risk of atherosclerosis
d) increased blood flow

Your friend has added muscle mass quickly and is depressed and having mood swings. You suspect he has begun to take ______________.
a) creatine
b) an anabolic steroid
c) amino acid supplements
d) protein powder

Enzymes (such as lactase which helps to digest the lactose in dairy products) are ______.
a) amino acids
b) phospholipids
c) monosaccharides
d) proteins

Proteins are polymers constructed from ______ monomers.
a) nucleotide
b) amino acid
c) hydrocarbon
d) fatty acid

Amino acids include a side group as well as ______.
a) a central carbon, a hydrogen atom, an amino group, and a carboxyl group
b) a central carbon, a hydrogen atom, a hydroxyl group, and a carbonyl group
c) a central hydrogen, a nitrogen atom, a hydroxyl group, and a carbonyl group
d) a central nitrogen, a carbon atom, an amino group, and a carbonyl group

What is the name given to the reaction that breaks peptide bonds?
a) denaturation
b) dehydration reaction
c) hydrolysis
d) hydrogenation

A pleated sheet is an example of protein ______ structure.
a) primary
b) secondary
c) tertiary
d) quaternary

A protein's function is dependent on its ______.
a) shape
b) pH
c) size
d) weight

Destruction of a protein's shape is called ______. (Think of cooking egg whites.)
a) a dehydration reaction
b) hydrogenation
c) hydrolysis
d) denaturation

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