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What helps you organize your files? (extra credit)
a) using random naming of docmenents
b) creating folders
c) not saving to our documents folder
d) never saving documents

What is the microprocessor?
a) output device
b) processing device
c) storage device
d) input device

What device tell the computer to save data and programs
a) storage device
b) four components of computer
c) two types of storage
d) processing device

What types of ____________ is ROM (read only memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory)?
a) hardware
b) two types of storage
c) output device
d) computer

What tells the computer what to do?
a) computer
b) software
c) input device
d) two types of storage

What shows you what the computer is doing?
a) input device
b) four components of a computer
c) processing device
d) output device

What refers to the physical components of your computer?
a) software
b) hardware
c) computer
d) input device

What are the instructions that make the computers work? ________ is held either on your computers in the hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD.
a) computer
b) output device
c) hardware
d) software

What are the Input devices, output devices, storage, processing?
a) four components of a computer
b) storage device
c) software
d) input device

What is an electronic device that stores, retrieves, and processes data and can be programmed with instructions?
a) hardware
b) software
c) computer
d) storage device

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