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In the following equation, lactose is a ______. galactose + glucose → lactose + water
a) nucleic acid
b) fatty acid
c) disaccharide
d) dipeptide

Table sugar is ______.
a) sucrose, a monosaccharide
b) sucrose, a dissaccharide
c) glucose, a disaccharide
d) glucose, a monosaccharide

For good health, it is important to include ______ in our diets.
a) monosaccharides
b) disaccharides
c) polysaccharides
d) fructose

Which of the following is an example of a polysaccharide?
a) maltose
b) starch
c) sucrose
d) glucose

Animals store carbohydrates as ______.
a) cellulose
b) starch
c) maltose
d) glycogen

Cellulose is an example of ______.
a) a steroid
b) fiber
c) a polypeptide
d) fat

Which of the following is hydrophilic?
a) cellulose
b) testosterone
c) cholesterol
d) butter

A glycerol with three fatty acids attached is referred to as a ______.
a) prostaglandin
b) fat
c) nucleic acid
d) steroid

What name is given to the following reaction? glycerol + 3 fatty acids → triglyceride + 3 water molecules
a) hydrolysis
b) dehydration reaction
c) hydrogenation
d) denaturation

Saturated fats are saturated with ______.
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon
d) hydrogen

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