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1) People with lactose intolerance do not have enough ______.
a) lactose
b) fructose
c) glucose
d) lactase

2) The following molecule is best described as a ______. CH3—CH2—CH2—CH2
a) protein
b) hydrocarbon
c) lipid
d) carbohydrate

3) A single carbon atom (atomic # 6) can form a maximum of ______ covalent bond(s).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

4) ______ is a hydroxyl group.
a) —COOH
b) —NH2
c) —OH
d) —H

In the following reaction, galactose is a ______. galactose + glucose → lactose + water
a) monomer
b) polymer
c) polysaccharide
d) protein

6) What name is given to the following reaction? galactose + glucose → lactose + water
a) hydrolysis
b) hydrogenation
c) dehydration reaction
d) glycolysis

7) What name is given to the following reaction? sucrose + water → glucose + fructose
a) hydrolysis
b) denaturation
c) A) glucogenesis
d) dehydration reaction

8) Carbohydrates typically include ______.
a) C, H, and O atoms
b) a PO4 group
c) an NH2 group
d) a hydrocarbon chain

9) Which of the following are isomers? (Same molecule, different structure)
a) sucrose and glucose
b) glucose and maltose
c) lactose and maltose
d) glucose and fructose

10) Complete the equation: monosaccharide + monosaccharide → ______ + water
a) polypeptide
b) fat
c) disaccharide
d) polysaccharide

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