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What is imperialism?
a) When explores trade with other countries
b) When a stronger nation takes over a weaker nation
c) When a country moves to a factory system
d) When two or more countries participate in free trade

Why did Britain take over India?
a) To show off their miitary strength
b) To help the people of India prosper
c) To obtain raw materials
d) To prevent communism from spreading

What was the role of the British East India Company?
a) To set up free trade
b) To become equal partners with India in the trade market
c) To teach companies in India the factory system
d) To control trade between Britain, India, and East Asia

What was a positive affect the British East India company had in India??
a) education
b) famine
c) racism
d) Sepoy Mutiny

What was a negative effect the British East India Company had in India?
a) expanded transportation system
b) modern technology
c) the banning of some traditional customs
d) advanced medicines

What caused the Sepoy Mutiny?
a) People were required to sign up for the military
b) Soldiers were required to use a rifle cartridge that was either greased in pig or cow fat which is against religious beliefs
c) Low pay for sepoy soldiers
d) Indian soldiers were being abused by their British commanders

What is the answer?
a) Number 3
b) Number 3
c) Me, me, pick me!
d) Number 3

Why did Britain build railroads in India?
a) To move soldiers easier and help sell British goods
b) To make it easier for workers to get to the factories
c) The Indian highway system was in shambles
d) To transport Indian goods

What rights did the people of India feel were routinely violated?
a) free speech
b) religious
c) politcal
d) All of the above

What effect did the British have on the India?
a) Nationalism in India
b) An overall better life for all Indians
c) War between the two countries
d) No effect at all

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