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American Imperialism And World War I.

From whom did the United States purchase Alaska from?
a) Canada
b) The Eskimos
c) Russia
d) Siberia

Which President is associated with Dollar Diplomacy?
a) William Howard Taft
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Theodore Roosevelt

Which of the following was NOT a result of the Spanish-American War?
a) The U.S. obtained the Philippines
b) The U.S. obtained Guam
c) The U.S. asserted its right to interfere in Cuban affairs
d) The U.S. annexed Hawaii

What U.S. policy encouraged all nations to share access to China’s resources?
a) Hawley-Smoot Tariff
b) Roosevelt Corollary
c) Open Door Policy
d) Dollar Diplomacy

The U.S. Encouraged rebels from Panama to revolt against _____________ in order to gain the rights to the Isthmus of Panama .
a) Spain
b) Cuba
c) Columbia
d) Puerto Rico

What U.S. policy urged American banks and businesses to invest in Latin America and other countries in order to maintain an orderly society?
a) Dollar Diplomacy
b) Roosevelt Corollary
c) Hawley-Smoot Tariff
d) Open Door Policy

Volunteer Calvary unit that symbolizes the Spanish-American War
a) Buffalo Soldiers
b) Rough Riders
c) Doughboys
d) Roosevelt’s Rangers

The United States followed a policy of expansionism in the late 1800s largely because…
a) European nations were eager to sell their colonies
b) The nation needed more markets and raw materials for its products
c) U.S. factories needed foreign laborers
d) Many Americans were demanding high-quality foreign goods

Who was the President when the Panama Canal was built?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) William Howard Taft
d) William McKinley

What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
a) U.S. territories could not enter into any foreign agreements
b) The U.S. will support only those revolutionary movements promoting democratic principles
c) Hawaii would be adopted as the 50th State
d) U.S. will use military force in order to maintain peace and stability in neighboring countries

What was the “spark” that began World War I?
a) Unrestricted submarine warfare
b) Bombing of Pearl Harbor
c) Germany’s invasion of France
d) The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

Which ship did German U-Boats sink that upset Americans?
a) The Lusitania
b) The U.S.S. Maine
c) The Titanic
d) The U.S.S. Roosevelt

Who were the Central Powers
a) Germany and France
b) Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
c) Serbia, Austria-Hungary, Russia
d) Great Britain, France, United States, Russia

Which of the following was NOT a cause of WWI?
a) Militarism (Arms Race)
b) Assassination of Pres. McKinley
c) Competition for Colonies
d) Alliance System

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