Compound-Complex Sentences 2 Question Preview (ID: 16380)

A Second Review Of Cpd-Cpx Sentences.

a) Before I do home, I want to get a movie; I do not have work tonight.
b) Kenny does not live very long in South Park because he is always involved in accidents, but he consistently reappears.
c) If you keep working towards success, you will build many valuable skills to help you throughout life.
d) Some people can not forgive even though it only hurt them to hold a grudge; I hope they figure it out one day.

a) Henry tried to study for the test so that he could get a good score, but his little sister would not let him.
b) Tommy did not like country music, nor did he like rap music even though he likes independent artists from both genres.
c) When I got my drivers permit, I was so excited, but now I am bored.
d) Life is not boring unless you decide it is, so make an effort to find enjoyment in all you do.

a) When I think of work, I get exhausted; no one wants to work all the time.
b) Before I get home, dinner should be started so that I can eat right away.
c) Gabby wanted a new bike, but could not afford one, so she bought a scooter instead.
d) Unless a dinosaur comes and steps on the car, I will be stuck with my mom's old station wagon, but I want a pick-up truck.

a) Television can be a great tool for students, or it can be a terrible distraction as some parents have found.
b) Many authors build suspense through key events; Poe likes to do this since he is fascinated by death.
c) An owl dropped from the phone line onto the mouse before the mouse knew what had happened; now it is gone.
d) Sleep is important to your health; you need to make sure you get 8 hours a night in order that you be well rested.

Franklin wants to hide whenever Augie starts screaming.
a) ID;I
c) D,I;I
d) ID

George and Tommy want to sing and dance in the rain even though they might get sick, so their parents let them.
a) ID,cI
b) D,I,cI
c) I,cID
d) ID

a) For the game to start, we had to be seated and off the field.
b) Since Monday, I have felt tired; thankfully it is Friday.
c) Before you go home, I want you to write your homework in your agenda, so you will not forget it.
d) Whatever you do, it is important to remember to be courteous; others will appreciate it.

Augie could not sleep while Axel was crying; their mother was very stressed.
a) ID,cI
b) I;ID
c) ID;I
d) D,I;I

Since Bella and Broozer live together, they must share their food, but Broozer does not like to share.
a) D,I,cI
b) ID,cI
c) I,cID
d) D,I;I

Bob is frustrated, yet he can do nothing about it since Tina is in charge of the party.
a) I;ID
b) ID,cI
c) I,cID
d) D,I;I

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