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D,I,cI - After Jenny went to the mall, she tried on her new clothes,
a) until they did not fit.
b) for five hours.
c) nor did she spend too much.
d) and she gave her sister her old clothes.

I;ID - I can not believe Tony did not do the assignment; he will get an F ?
a) because the teacher said it was a required assignment.
b) ; the teacher will be mad.
c) and have to take the class over.
d) with school ending.

I,cID - Apples and oranges are fruits, ? some people do not like them because they are not very sweet.
a) for
b) yet
c) so
d) nor

ID;I - Cartman is not a good person ? he always tries to hurt other people; he needs to be nicer.
a) after
b) for
c) before
d) since

ID,cI - Many people like to hunt ? , and some people like to do both.
a) after they get home
b) but some can not stand hunting
c) just as others like to fish
d) the deer do not like being hunted

D,I;I - ? it is a good way to check understanding; student may not like it.
a) Because students need to be tested,
b) Provided the test focuses on many different skills,
c) Since others use a common test.
d) As long as students need good scores,

FANBOYS are examples of...
a) subordinating conjunction
b) dependent clause
c) independent clause
d) coordinating conjunction

A compound-complex sentence has _____ independent clause(s) and __________ dependent clause(s).
a) 2; 1 or more
b) 1 ; 1 or more
c) 2; at least 2
d) 1; at least 2

Tommy could not stop crying until the dog returned home, and he knew the dog was safe.
a) D,I,cI
b) I;ID
c) ID,cI
d) I,cID

Before the students could leave, they had to finish their work, or it would be homework.
a) D,I;I
b) ID,cI
c) I,cID
d) D,I,cI

Tiffany and Bob wanted to go skating, but they needed to sharpen their blades before they could go to the ice rink.
a) I;ID
b) I,cID
c) ID;I
d) ID,cI

The storm came in quickly; many people were stranded in their homes even though they have four-wheel drive vehicles.
a) ID,cI
b) I;ID
c) D,I;I
d) ID;I

When the car crashed into the guard rail, I thought we were going over the edge of the bridge; we did not fall.
a) I,cID
b) D,I,cI
c) ID;I
d) D,I;I

The fish jumped out of the tank while I was cleaning it; it survived the experience.
a) D,I;I
b) I;ID
c) ID,cI
d) ID;I

A dependent clause is started by a...
b) coordinating conjunction
c) subordinating conjunction

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