Weathering And Soil Formation Question Preview (ID: 16378)

Review How Soil Is Broken Down And The Different Ways It Happens.

When rocks break down because of chemical reactions, it is called ______.
a) chemical weathering
b) acid precipitation
c) abrasion
d) climate

The same kind of weather in a place over a long time is its ______.
a) climate
b) weather
c) precipitation
d) temperature

When plants and animals decay ______ forms in the soil.
a) humus
b) rust
c) bedrock
d) muck

A way to keep soil fertile by protecting it from erosion is called _______.
a) soil conservation
b) soil fertility
c) soil structure
d) soil texture

Wehn rocks are ground and worn away by rocks and sand, it is called _____.
a) abrasion
b) filing
c) sand blasting
d) weathering

Rain, sleet, or snow with a high concentration of acids is called ______.
a) Acid precipitation
b) chemical weathering
c) acidic climate
d) soil conservation

The arrangement of soil particles is known as _______.
a) soil structure
b) soil fertility
c) soil texture
d) soil conservation

A rock formation that soil comes from is called ______.
a) parent rock
b) parent soil
c) bedrock
d) silt

Where does the weathering of a rock take place?
a) outer surface
b) inside
c) on the sides
d) from the bottom up

What does oxidation cause?
a) rust
b) corrosion
c) erosion
d) weathering

What is the practice of leaving old stalks to provide cover from rain called?
a) no-till farming
b) contour plowing
c) terracing
d) covering

What do we call soil quality based on the proportion of different sized soil particles?
a) soil texture
b) soil fertility
c) soil quality
d) soil structure

What do we call soil that is blown or washed away from its parent rock?
a) transported soil
b) soil
c) parent rock
d) bedrock

What is the breakdown of rock into smaller pices by physical means called?
a) mechanical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) oxidation
d) acid precipitation

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