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Famous Person: _____ Holmes, Detective in London, England
a) Sherlock
b) Peter
c) Alexander
d) Frank

Another name for Earth or globe
a) World
b) water
c) dessert
d) USA

I'm not a boy, I'm a
a) boy
b) toy
c) girl
d) doll

My hair is not straight, its
a) straight
b) purple
c) Curly
d) blonde

Who uses pom poms, and chants to cheer on the players?
a) Mom
b) Teacher
c) Cheerleaders
d) Coach

Name of Snoopy's owner
a) Egg head
b) Smurf
c) Charlie Brown
d) Scooby Doo

My twin's name rhymes with mine. My name is Charle
a) Sam
b) Alex
c) Fred
d) Karl

My grade was on the ..., between an A or B
a) borderline
b) about
c) almost
d) close

Capital of Germany
a) Berlin
b) New York
c) Dallas
d) Pompano Beach

Where you go when you die is referred to as
a) today
b) when you were a baby
c) afterlife
d) tomorrow

You know that the dog is angry when it starts to
a) laugh
b) snarl
c) lick your face
d) wag its tail

Where evil things live (vampires, goblins, witches)
a) Underworld
b) Candyland
c) Mt. Everest
d) Beach

I visit my grandmother every year. I visit her ....
a) monthly
b) daily
c) yearly
d) today

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