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Find the word that Rhymes: Thrash
a) Kite
b) rash
c) red
d) reel

Find the word that Rhymes: throw
a) thread
b) rave
c) row
d) rat

Find the word that Rhymes: Three
a) trip
b) tree
c) green
d) one

Find the word that Rhymes: thread
a) fed
b) make
c) dog
d) straw

A place to buy used clothes
a) Bass Pro
b) Thrift Store
c) Payless Shoes
d) Dairy Queen

Which word means to: tell someone you plan to injure or punish them
a) threaten
b) hug
c) jump
d) grap

Ug! I think I'm getting sick! I have a sore_____
a) toe
b) Throat
c) arm
d) leg

Ouch! I stubbed my toe! Now its...
a) green
b) throbbing
c) feeling great
d) upside down

A king or queen sits on their...
a) bed
b) floor
c) throne
d) grass

He's really competitive! He's ....
a) a wimp
b) smart
c) cutthroat
d) ugly

Oh no my fishing line broke! Its time to .... my fishing line on the pole
a) throwout
b) stomp
c) rethread
d) run

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