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Which does not describe Andrew Jackson
a) 5th President
b) Fought in the American Revolution
c) Won the Battle of New Orleans
d) Signed the Indian Removal Act

Created the Cherokee alphabet
a) Osceola
b) Tecumseh
c) Sequoya
d) Kiani

Which brave Creek indian fought in Florida
a) Tecumseh
b) Osceola
c) Sequoya
d) Nick

Why were the Cherokee moved west
a) land was better for crops out west
b) they refused to learn English
c) they refused to be civilized
d) gold was found on their land

Why was it called the Trail of Tears
a) thousands died along the way
b) they had to leave their things behind
c) they got lost
d) Storm told really bad jokes

What state were the Cherokee moved to?
a) Arizona
b) Texas
c) Oklahoma
d) New Jersey

Andrew Jackson was the first president to
a) come from a poor uneducated family
b) fight in the American Revolution
c) dislike Native Americans
d) win a battle

Andrew Jackson believed that
a) the poor were to uneducated to rule
b) the common man should rule
c) the rich should rule
d) Jessica should rule

Jackson threatened South Carolina to ....
a) free slaves
b) kick Native Americans off land
c) pay tarriffs on imports
d) hand in their homework

Imaginary line that separates states
a) Welcome signs
b) latitude
c) equator
d) border

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