Geography Nordic Countries #1 Question Preview (ID: 1636)

Geography Chapter 12 Section 4 Nordic Countries.

Which country\'s many fjords provide sheltered harbors?
a) Sweden
b) Norway
c) Denmark
d) Finland

Norway's southern and western coasts owe their mild climate to
a) the North Atlantic Current
b) Norway's latitude
c) the midnight sun
d) its many fjords

Finland's capital is
a) Copenhagen
b) Oslo
c) Reykjavik
d) Helsinki

Most of Denmark likes on the
a) Jutland Peninsula
b) Iberian Peninsula
c) Balkan Peninsula
d) Scandanavian Peninsula

Copenhagen is this country's capital.
a) Finland
b) Iceland
c) Denmark
d) Norway

Iceland's economy depends on
a) farming
b) natural resources
c) fishing
d) forests

A Danish import that is a favorite of many children is
a) Copenhagen porcelain
b) LEGOs
c) marbles
d) the hula hoop

People of Finland enjoy ________________, wooden rooms heated by water sizzling on hot stones.
a) fjords
b) sweatboxes
c) jacuzzis
d) saunas

Norway owes its popularity as a cruise destination of tourists to
a) its beautiful farms
b) the Northern lights
c) saunas
d) fjords

This country is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.
a) Iceland
b) Norway
c) Sweden
d) Denmark

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