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What year was the Old Three Hundred established?
a) 1821
b) 1856
c) 2013
d) 1989

Who was the second most successful empresario?
a) Moses Austin
b) Green DeWitt
c) Amber Foster
d) Scooter DeWoody

Who was captured and shot in 1822 after leading an army into Nacogdoches?
a) Leisa Patterson
b) Jane Long
c) Michael Jordan
d) James Long

What wanted to continue the rebellion of Father Hidalgo against Spanish rule?
a) Federal Expedition
b) European conquest
c) Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
d) Foster's rebellion

The Spanish wanted to colonize Texas to
a) protect territory
b) make money
c) rule the world
d) grow crops

The Anglos wanted to colonize Texas to
a) protect the territory
b) get cheap land
c) build railroads
d) create a new country

Americans and Mexicans came to Texas for
a) religious freedom
b) bigger houses
c) tamales
d) cheap land for farming

What was NOT part of the Mexican Federal Constitution?
a) restriction of slavery
b) ownership of private property
c) freedom of religion
d) representative government

Who was a Tejano rancher who represented Texas at the Mexcian National Convention?
a) Erasmo Seguin
b) Stephen F Austin
c) Green DeWitt
d) Ron Burgandy

The Battle of Medina resulted in
a) slaughter of the Indians
b) defeat of the Gutierrez-Magee army
c) destruction of the flowers
d) burning of the crops

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