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Barry and Lonnie race one another along a curvy, bumpy, 7-mile track. Lonnie starts from rest and accelerates at 3 m/s/s. Barry runs at a constant velocity of 9 m/s. After 3 seconds, which runner is ahead? or are they tied?
a) Barry
b) Lonnie
c) They're tied.
d) More information is needed.

On a Position vs. Time graph, uniform positive acceleration looks like:
a) a curved line
b) a diagonal line
c) a flat line above zero
d) a flat line below zero

A donkey begins running from rest. It is moving 7 meters per second (m/s) after 42 seconds have passed. What is its acceleration?
a) 6.0 m/s/s
b) 35 m/s/s
c) 0.17 m/s/s
d) 49 m/s/s

A speeding car’s velocity is clocked at + 42 m/s. If the car undergoes an acceleration of -2 m/s/s for 4 seconds, what will its new velocity be?
a) -34 m/s/s
b) -10.5 m/s/s
c) 10.5 m/s
d) 34 m/s

A physics student measures the velocity of a rolling cart as 3 m/s to the left. After 277 hours, what is the final velocity of the car if the car’s acceleration is 0?
a) 277 m/s
b) 3 m/s
c) 0 m/s
d) 92.3 m/s

A dog is running at 4 meters per second. In 6 seconds, it slows to a stop. What is its acceleration?
a) 0.67 m/s/s
b) 1.3 m/s/s
c) -0.67 m/s/s
d) -1.3 m/s/s

Acceleration is:
a) rate of change of position
b) rate of change of velocity
c) rate of change of acceleration
d) slowing down, speeding up, changing direction, or maintaining a constant speed

Which of the following is NOT true about acceleration?
a) The SI unit is m/s/s.
b) It can be calculated based on change in velocity over time.
c) Whenever it is negative, the object is slowing down.
d) Whenever it is positive, the object's velocity is increasing.

One girl and one boy race. They begin from rest and accelerate in the same direction. The girl’s acceleration is greater than the boy's. If the initial velocity of each person is the same, then:
a) The final velocity of each person will be the same.
b) The final velocity of the boy will be greater than the final velocity of the girl.
c) The final velocity of the girl will be greater than the final velocity of the boy.
d) More information is needed.

Acceleration means going faster __________.
a) always
b) when it's in the same direction as velocity
c) when it's positive
d) and deceleration means going slower

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