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The practice of exaggerating or using fictitious writings to bolster newspaper sales, such as during Cuba’s war with Spain, is known as…..
a) Black dog journalism
b) Plagiarizing
c) Yellow journalism
d) Editorializing

Before the beginning of World War I, American foreign policy was to……
a) Remain neutral
b) Provide support and aid to all European nations
c) Be diplomatically involved with most favored nations only
d) Seek out and assist nations that supported American values

Which of these led to the annexation of Hawaii in 1898?
a) Strategic need for refueling stations
b) Military conflicts in other hemispheres
c) Yellow journalism by American newspapers
d) Popular sovereignty for United States citizens

President Woodrow Wilson’s statement, “The world must be made safe for democracy” was made to justify his decision to…..
a) End United States imperialism in Latin America
b) Support tariff reform
c) Send troops into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa
d) Ask Congress to declare war against Germany

Which United States policy is most closely associated with the annexation of Hawaii and the Philippines?
a) Neutrality
b) Isolationism
c) Imperialism
d) International cooperation

During World War I, many American women helped gain support for the suffrage movement by….
a) Protesting against the war
b) Joining the military service
c) Lobbying for child-care facilities
d) Working in wartime industries

The United States issued the Open Door policy (1899-1900) primarily to….
a) Bring democratic government to the Chinese people
b) Secure equal trade opportunities in China
c) Force China to change its immigration policies
d) Use China as a stepping stone to trade with Japan

One major reason the United States Senate refused to approve the Treaty of Versailles after World War I was that many senators……
a) Were concerned about future United States obligations in foreign affairs
b) Rejected United States colonial practices in Asia
c) Wanted immediate repayment of war debts from France
d) Supported increased foreign aid to Germany

The payment of war debts, paid by the losing countries, is called…..
a) Self-determination
b) Recovery money payment
c) Reparations
d) Disenfranchise

What president introduced the idea of Dollar Diplomacy in Latin America?
a) Bill Clinton
b) William H. Taft
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) FDR

The building of the Panama Canal is important because it…….
a) Helped stabilize the economies of Latin American countries
b) Improved relations between Puerto Rico and its neighbors
c) Facilitated trade by making it easier to get to and from the Atlantic to the Pacific
d) Facilitated trade by making it easier to get to and from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea

The Fourteen Points included all of the following key ideas EXCEPT:
a) League of Nations
b) Self-Determination
c) Freedom of the Seas
d) Reparations for countries that caused the war

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