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persuade, The scientist tried to persuade the others to keep working even when they were ready to quit.
a) convince
b) allow
c) permit
d) understand

plan, Ms. Andrews asked her assistant to plan all the details for her buisness trip to New York.
a) arrange
b) design
c) ignore
d) scheme

brave, The job called for a brave leader who could deal with problems calmly and swiftly.
a) bold
b) audacious
c) cowardly
d) valiant

sad, Tina felt sad for many days after she lost her favorite hat.
a) melancholy
b) grief-strickent
c) despairing
d) joyful

a) background
b) fortune
c) future
d) education

a) related to customs and traditions
b) related to lawsa nd rules
c) related to sports and athletics
d) related to money and good fortune

a) legends
b) science
c) wisdom
d) summary

a) a great amount
b) a stack
c) a shortage
d) a small group

remedy, Scientist may never find a remedy for the common cold.
a) cure
b) use
c) risk
d) benefit

a) changed
b) hid
c) improved
d) ruined

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