6th 9 Lesson Journeys Question Preview (ID: 16345)

Kensuke's Kingdom.

positive connotation
a) available
b) deserted
c) abandoned
d) forsaken

positive connotation
a) stride
b) shuffle
c) creep
d) trudge

positive connotation
a) cottage
b) shake
c) shed
d) hut

a) resist or go agains
b) show or expose
c) create or produce
d) control or command

a) spread throughout
b) disappeared from
c) invaded
d) pierced

a) entered in spite of risk
b) looked insid
c) studied from afar
d) carefully avoided

a) stiff
b) thin
c) white
d) smooth

a) thinly
b) usually
c) easily
d) quickly

negative connotation
a) screeching
b) twittering
c) trilling
d) chirping

negative connotation
a) nag
b) urge
c) remind
d) tell

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